WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY 4-in-1 CONVERTIBLE BABY BLANKETTM? The Babee CoveeTM is all that you need for your infant as the Babee CoveeTM grows with your child and can be used from newborn through toddler years. It can be used as the following: 1. Infant car seat canopy 2. Baby carrier blanket 3. Stroller blanket 4. Playtime blanket IS THE BABEE COVEETM MACHINE WASHABLE? Of course; we made sure to keep it easy to take care of. We're moms too!  A care tag label is also sewn onto the Babee CoveeTM. It's easy though: machine wash cold with like colors and lay flat to dry. CAN THE BABEE COVEETM FIT ON MY INFANT CAR SEAT? It was designed to be one size fits most.  HOW CAN I MAKE SURE I’M USING THE BABEE COVEETM CORRECTLY? Each Babee CoveeTM includes simplified illustrations for use both on the packaging. And, a how-to tag is sewn  directly onto each one. You can always contact us for more information. We're happy to walk you through it and make sure you are comfortable. Trust us though, it's rather intuitive.
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